Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2021

One-third of all U.S. wildlife species are already imperiled or are vulnerable—and nearly one million species worldwide are at risk of extinction.

Wow. If that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. And it’s the sort of galvanizing statement that I hope catalyzes you to action.

There are a lot of ways to take action. You can nurture native with plants that support birds, pollinators, and other animals. You can volunteer to help take care of wildlife habitats such as the Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation-sponsored butterfly garden at Encore Park or the “Hellstrip” behind our nursery. You can also reach out to Tampa’s Congressional Representative, Kathy Castor, and ask her to co-sponsor H.R.2773 - Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2021.

This bold, bipartisan bill will make supplemental funds available to manage wildlife species of greatest conservation need in efforts to prevent these species from becoming endangered. The House version of the bill currently has more than 100 bipartisan cosponsors. Senators Heinrich (D-NM) and Blunt (R-MO) introduced a bipartisan version, S. 2372 on July 15, 2021.

Over 1500 conservationist organizations and businesses have signed on to support the bill, which embodies a concept initially recommended by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources. With wildlife and our country’s $887 billion dollar outdoor economy at stake, won’t you please lend your hand? Reach out to your elected representatives and ask them to support this Act, because if we don’t act now, some of our most precious wildlife might be lost forever.