Spring is on the way.
Are you planning your garden yet?

While the last few days may have been too cold and dreary to do much work in the garden, it’s been perfect weather to make plans for it for the year. Whether you’re starting from scratch or merely refreshing a garden that has already been established, I often recommend that our customers assemble an inspiration or mood board by thumbing through magazines, catalogs, and online resources. A technique typically employed by interior designers, inspiration boards include a collection of images that define what you like (and want) in the space you’re designing. It will help you decide what style you like, what colors you want to include, and ideas for seating and other features like fountains, bird feeders, etc. It can help you establish a vision for the space which can bridge multiple years.

I next encourage people to dimension and “catalog” their space. How much space do you have and what portion of it do you want to devote to a garden? Where is it sunny and where is it shady? What’s your soil like? These are important factors to properly plan your garden. (Remember, while working in the garden is fun, it’s ever so much easier to make mistakes on paper than it is once the plants are already in the ground!)

Graph paper is a great tool to use in this process. Draw in your hardscape and any trees, shrubs, and other plants that you want to keep. Be sure to draw them at their full, mature size and in their exact locations. Next shade areas that are shady. Make special notes about soil conditions that you need to consider. This graph paper will become your base map. Layer trace paper over top to begin to sketch in your ideas for plants and color combinations --- the use of trace paper can allow you to show different sequences of blooms across the seasons and to try different design ideas without having to redraw your base.

Once you have these basics on paper, a quick visit to Little Red Wagon Native Nursery is in order. Our staff can help you select the best plants to help you achieve your vision and #NurtureNative.

Need some help with your garden design before making a trip to our store? Why not share your inspiration board with us? Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let our community help you refine it in a supportive environment.

Happy planning and even happier planting!