Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass - Tripsacum floridana  (1 gal.)

Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass - Tripsacum floridana (1 gal.)

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Dwarf Fakahatchee (Tripsacum floridanum) is a perennial grass in the Poaceae family whose native habitat includes pine rocklands and marl prairies. The plant forms dense, upright clumps that are 4-6 feet wide and 2-3 feet tall (up to 4 feet when it flowers with showy, rust-colored spikes). Its somewhat narrow blades pair well with coreopsis (Coreopsis spp.) and tropical sage (Salvia coccinea) and it also looks great in mass plantings or as a filler in planters. Able to withstand moist soil as well as drought conditions, this grass prefers full sun and makes an outstanding addition to almost any garden. Importantly, this grass is an important food source for our Byssus Skipper caterpillars and its seeds are food for birds.